The internet has evolved, and the form of advertising has changed. Advertisement with images and illustrations have become commonplace. But to trim…to clip an image is a lot of hard work. It is also time consuming! Making digital illustrations from scratch based on pictures may also be needed. Much detailed work is necessary for one design! Is there no way to ease the burden of editing work?!

A lot of image editing work. And no time!

At HOWAY BPO Multimedia Lab, we clip and trim photographs and trace low resolution scan data with precision and care. Leave the coloring and gradation to us as well! We can also extract necessary text from photo data and do more detailed work such as PDF link pasting!
For fast, high-quality service in image editing, call HOWAY!

Troublesome photo tracing process?
Call us for support

Video advertisement is now a matter-of-course. Software applications have become highly advanced, it is true. But tasks such as data making, editing and encoding still consume a lot of time. The longer the video, the more restraint on the creator’s schedule. There just isn’t enough time!

Not enough time for video editing!

Time consuming video editing work? Call us for support!
Multimedia devices had become numerous. Now is an era when target clients can be narrowed down according to age, background and sex orientation. Make a lot of affordable videos quickly to improve on the AB Test in pursuit of optimal result!
For fast, affordable services in video editing, call HOWAY!

Time consuming video editing work?
Call us for support!

Editing software is becoming more and more convenient, yes. Now, all you need do is pour the necessary data to make the catalogue into the software and it will be completed quickly. But there are cases when pictures overlap the text, when images are smaller than the ideal, and things just don’t work out well! What to do when there is lack of time and manpower to do the editing?!

Not enough time for making catalogues!

Need help in catalogue production, editing or modification? Call us for support!
As of February of 2019, our company has 72 seats maximum for 24-hour, 365-day BPO services.
For RUSH, LARGE NUMBER requirement of personnel, call HOWAY!

Need help in catalogue production,
editing or modification? Call us for support!

In this day and age, a HOMEPAGE has become an utmost necessity. SEO countermeasures, WEB update, consideration of inbound measures while gathering the most recent information, the need to correspond in English, Korean and other languages… The only viable option is to put up and operate an overseas server for improved search accuracy!

Why not utilize an offshore team to put up and operate a HOMEPAGE?

There is not enough time for putting up a HOMEPAGE!

- For troublesome WEB coding with a lot of technical vocabulary.
- To catch up with the fast pace progress of the industry.
For speedy response to the situation, utilize the services of the English-speaking Filipino encoder. For support in multi-lingual SEO countermeasure, call HOWAY!

When putting up a WEBSITE and HOMEPAGE,
call us for support!
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Did you dream as a child? [I wish I could travel back in time to that place, at that era. What could the future be like?] Have you wondered about the past, the future, about strange lands in that way?
On the 31st of August, Year 2017, HOWAY PHILIPPINES INC. was established (parent company HOWAY Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in Japan in 1953). And in Manila, Philippines, on May 2018 we launched a BPO production business base with a catch phrase: A Group of GEEKS – KANDO CREATOR – Living on the Edge!
Operated in English by Multimedia Creators, we are into video production, 2D, 3D animation, motion graphics and various design creations among others. The strength of BPO is in its ability to build a 24 - hour 365 - day system of operation and, with the population bonus of the Philippines (average age 23 years old) said to continue until 2050, abundant labor force and low labor costs are attractive.
Utilizing its strengths, we operate in the Philippines at a low price with high quality service. Filipinos, said to be ‘Latin of the Orient’ are cheerful and of bright temperament. They have high affinity with cross-cultural enterprises, have a variety of artistic and diverse talents and a high sense of responsibility for their duties. Since childhood, because of the many opportunities to experience English animation and movies, there is no difference from Western culture in their capacity for multimedia production.
Like the [time machine] and [anywhere door] that you have dreamed of as a child, from the Philippines we will help you accelerate your business anytime, anywhere in the world.
Please do not hesitate to consult with us. HOWAY PHILIPPINES INC. BPO Multimedia Lab's Services. Innovative and creative offshore outsourcing - your time machine and anywhere door for your business.


Case 1

Dont have enough time editing lots of images?

Cinque Terre

The Internet has evolved and the shape of advertisements
has changed, with advertisements with images, illustrations
have become commonplace. However, to trim an image,
to clip a lot of time-consuming work! You can also digitally
create illustrations from scratch from photos.
Small work is difficult even for making one design.
I want to ease even a little editing work!

We support photo tracing and editing!

Cinque Terre

We will carefully trace one by one
We trim hand carefully even with clipping of time-consuming
photographs and even coarse scanned data of resolution.
Please leave coloring and gradation as well!
We can also do detailed work such as extracting only
necessary text from photo data, linking PDF and so on.

Case 2

Dont have enough time in editing videos?

Cinque Terre

Even though video advertisement is becoming commonplace,
even if the performance of software gets better and it
gets easier, there are lots of work that takes time,
such as encode in editing to make material? The longer
the playback time of the movie is, the longer the creator's
restraint time will be short of time!

We support editing videos!

Cinque Terre

With the spread of multimedia devices,
it became an era where video advertisement
can be advertised by narrowing down the age
sex area etc. Make movies in large quantities
quickly and cheaply and constantly improve on
the AB test. We pursue optimum effects.

Case 3

Dont have enough time editing catalogs?

Cinque Terre

Nowadays the editing software has evolved everyday
and it has become more convenient recently, even if
you make catalogs, prepare the necessary data and
pour into the software and it will be completed quickly!
It is supposed that the sentences are covered by
photographs, the pictures are smaller than the ideal,
they do not go well in the middle! It is not enough
time and labor to modify. Is it not such a thing?

We support catalog production / modification!

Cinque Terre

We can operate BPO at 24 hours a day,
365 days a maximum of 72 seats (as of
February 2019). Please use our BPO by
all means when you want "borrowing the
hands of a cat" that requires limited

Case 4

Dont have enough time in creating company HP?

Cinque Terre

In recent years the importance of HP is increasing,
updating WEB to SEO countermeasure, considering inbound
measures while always obtaining the latest information,
want to correspond to English, Chinese, Korean, etc, put
the serveroverseas to increase the accuracy of search.
Why not make use of overseas offshore team for HP
production and operation? A business performance team
of a major Japanese advertising agency will answer.

We will support web site · HP creation!

Cinque Terre

Anyway, there are lots of technical terms
and troublesome WEB coding. Moreover,
the progress of the industry is just a dog year.
Please use Philippine coder with English
as official language for this speed feeling.
The latest multilingual SEO measures
can also be supported.